Armed / Unarmed Guards


By having an onsite security personnel, it helps deter unwanted activities, such as loitering, trespassing and vandalism.

All Bulwerks security guards are uniformed  armed/unarmed and will provide a safe and secure environment. Providing for additional tasks that visual surveillance cannot perform. 

All security personnel are trained to maintain order, protect the people and make the surrounding area a safe place. 

Event Security


Bulwerks provides uniformed event security for any size event and venue. Our goal is to create a safe and secure environment from any occurrence. We partner with you to meet your security needs and become your eyes and ears throughout the event. All our personnel are trained in situational awareness and strategic de-escalation protocols. 

We offer site-specific security plan(s) that addresses any element of surprise. We provide the risk assessment, crowd control, emergency exit plans and active shooter scenario for any large-scale venue/event. 

  • Musical 
  • Cultural/Corporate Affairs 
  • Festivals 
  • Sporting events 

Executive Protection


VIP, executives, political figures and entertainers live their lives in the public eye and can receive additional unwanted, unnecessary attention. Their families, their businesses are open to threats, harassment or mishaps. 

Here at Bulwerks we provide security that is prominent and, in some cases, low profile. We maintain a high level of discretion, professionalism and we are flexible to our clients’ needs. Bulwerks will assess the clients’ day to day functions and provides a security professional that fits their lifestyle. We ensure safety by checking venues, coordinating air travel, vehicle movement and mapping out every detail.

We are here to provide peace of mind.  

Security Consulting


Bulwerks offers security consulting services(s) that are specific to your business needs. We do a complete risk assessment and written evaluation of your existing security service plan and provide action steps to improve. 

Today’s threats can be complex and disastrous to a business and can be unexpected. Our focus is to establish where you are vulnerable and put the best security practices in place; by employing professional who are knowledgeable and experienced we can help secure your peace of mind. 

We Provide: 

  • Facility/location - Risk Assessment 
  • Crisis Management and Training 
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • High Level Executive Protection 
  • Security Guard Post Order and instructions 

Corporate Training


Protecting your most valuable assets is easier said then done. Bulwerks recognizes that in today’s society we must protect and preserve what we have built; so, we make it our business to protect yours. We believe every company should have corporate training and be made aware of all potential risk(s). 

We will help create/assess your training program(s) so that we can help your company be more diligent and mindful in its daily operation(s). 

We will partner with your Key Management team and Human Resources to access and evaluate the current plan or create one for your company. 

We will train and evaluate: 

  • Access points
  • Point out High Risk areas
  • Workplace Violence 
  • Employee Safety 
  • And more………

Trade Show / Convention Security


Conventions and Trade show often have many moving parts; from crowd control, securing vendor goods and high-level executives. Bulwerks security is trained in multiple situational scenario, so that we are proactive and approachable when it comes to attendees and expos. 

Many events often have attendees well into the thousands and can be high energy events. We feel that it can be challenging for you to address all the potential security issues on your own.


Bulwerks works with you so your focus remains on the event and not the occurrences.